Book review on Steve Martin’s “Born Standing Up”

Posted: 08/21/2010 in Uncategorized
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Born Standing Up, by Steve Martin, achieves bestseller status because it is a very serious book by a very serious man about how he became the most successful live comedian in history, selling out arenas, and why he abdicated stand-up at the top of his game. Consistency, the reader learns, is what make a comedian have a great career; this comic achieved that via a tremendous work ethic and the analytic skills of chess-master Gary Kasparov. There are light moments, healthy dollops of gossip, self-deprecation to endear the reader, the kind of rigorous self-analysis one rarely gets and rings true, let alone from a comedian, and a compelling view of his dysfunctional family in Orange County California where he grew up and spurred his interest in comedy and magic. This surprisingly candid book from a very private man is required reading for anyone in or who wants to be in showbiz.

  1. Shawn says:

    Loved the audio version, with Steve reading and playing banjo between chapters! Highly recommended (and make sure you have The Jerk and Let’s Get Small handy too).

  2. I enjoyed the audio version too. I listened to it awhile ago, but your post makes me think I want to listen to it again. It’s amazing how intelligent and insightful Martin is, considering we first got to know him as the guy with the arrow through his head.

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