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From Maine to Vienna

The North Pole to the South

How come everybody says

I got such a big mouth?

Is it because I love him

And I’m so very proud?

I just want to tell the world

Wherever there’s a crowd

Once I had a wish

Then it all came true

My baby babies me

The only time he’s cruel

Is when he teases me

When we do you know what

Then I retaliate

He can’t get enough

So let the word go out

Magnificent it is

He really loves me

It can’t get better than this

Just give me a podium

Anywhere there is a stage

Let me swear my love to him

We’re hotter than a blaze

From his heart to mine

From ours to yours

Share the love we feel

Let your voice be heard

Go  ahead, be vocal

Spread the mighty word


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