Posted: 02/02/2010 in Trevor McShane's Music
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There’s no sadness anymore

No misery

Just the pleasant thought

That we’re going to be

With each other

Now and then

I accept it all

You are my friend

I can turn to the many memories

That comprise our book

It’s not that love has vanished

Rather, we’ve been overlooked

Stranded on the beach

Each on our own desert isle

Can you see these smoke signals?

Do they cause you to smile?

Funny, how a life is lived

And, really, what is it?

Sensory pleasure to some extent

But it’s really mental and emotional

When you get down to it

It includes the good company of those

We love and respect

At the end of the day

You are my comfort and joy

Do you detect there’s no sarcasm

When I speak or think of you?

It’s a dichotomy: I am the sky

Sunny and blue.

  1. I am in tears…So beautiful…

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