Posted: 01/25/2010 in Trevor McShane's Music
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I’m a private eye but someone follows me

What I need to do is solve this mystery

For I am in love, and that is no crime

I cannot escape from her, she’s always on my mind

She has got my number, taken control

I have tried to lose her tail, but she’s everywhere I go

The thought of her and me together is more than I can bear

I’m preoccupied, must now investigate

If she is truly mine, I will have gone from third-rate to sublime

I met her at a stake-out, I was just passing time

“That’s a funny thing, to order,” she cooed, “chili fries.”

That diner thereafter became a second home to me

She began to bore into my center, right into my inner core

My studied indifference then became a chore


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