A poem a day starting today!

Posted: 01/19/2010 in Trevor McShane's Music

My first Poem

365 Poems!

That’s right, one a day, coming at you. I starting writing them in 1993 (though it came naturally at a young age as noted above in a poem I wrote in 1958), now I’ve got thousands, so I figure I better let some out and into the world and maybe provide some enjoyment to others. Sometimes the poems turn into songs. They are written for many reasons fun,; to work through an issue, to feed or fuel an emotion. I learn from them sometimes; sometimes they are the only place for me to go when I need solace and self-assurance. So, enjoy them. I wrote them for me, but ultimately, they are meant for you.

Trevor McShane

  1. Donn says:


    Love your approach to poetry! Too many people are afraid of their poetic instincts. Those who neglect the poetic portion of their personality are killing a vital part of themselves.

    Can’t wait to hear the new album. Any blues on this one? You’re a natural.

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