4 Kinds of Songs

Posted: 01/18/2010 in Trevor McShane's Music

And so begins the blog of Trevor McShane. Welcome, there is much to come. Let’s begin with my great discovery. Did you know there are four kinds of songs in the world? It’s true; they are:

I want the girl:
You know the feeling; someone you’re attracting to. There is hope (but not always — could be unrequited).
I have the girl:
And oh you happy you are together. Everything is just the way it should be. What a joy it is to be in love.
I miss the girl:
Sad, lonely, she’s gone. Maybe she’ll come back, but she could be gone for good. Those were good days, but now she’s just as memory.
Car songs:
Cars, inanimate objects, peace. Colorado, the weather, horses, basically anything that is not about love. I figure about ten percent of all songs in the world are of this type.
So, there you are. The intelligent songwriter will have plenty of all of these. Note that sometimes you can cross rubrics; for example you can want the girl and then get her back. The true pro (and I have not tried it yet) will hit a grand slam: want the girl, have the girl, lose the girl and somehow tie it in to world peace.
That’s my helpful advice. Songwriters of the world unite!

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